THE HEDGE - Charles Bender Performing Arts Center


Date and Time:
June 8, 2024
2pm & 7pm

All is well with the Dunbars, a close-knit African-American family of four, until Satan takes a trip to heaven and pleads with God. His request? Hell in the lives of this beloved family. With God’s permission, and access into their lives granted, Satan devises a plan and assembles key players to aid and abet in his schemes. The outcome forces Nathan, Vanessa, Nathaniel, and Valerie to face new and unsettling realities. These realities find them trying to navigate through life’s obstacles and ultimately poses the one question we all have asked: “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Loosely based on the biblical story of Job, The Hedge is an immersive theatrical experience complete with an elaborate set, an ensemble cast, an original score, videography, and special effects.

Charles Bender Performing Art Center